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The CIA says it has evidence that Russia tried to help Trump win the US election

The CIA believes that Russia intentionally meddled in the US election specifically to help Donald Trump win. That allegation was revealed in a secret CIA presentation that was given to lawmakers, The...

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Donald Trump constantly makes one of the most offensive mistakes in men’s suiting

We can no longer be silent. Presidential fashion is a low bar. It’s almost expected that the leader of the free world wear a somewhat boxy, boring suit in navy, black, or the occasional gray (unless...

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Coca-Cola’s sugar problem

Coca-Cola came out on Monday night. The world’s most valuable brand, broadcast an advert suggesting they, possibly, have a problem with sugar. In a certain first in the history of food and beverage...

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JP Morgan slashes Jamie Dimon’s pay following London trading fiasco

Jp Morgan chase boss Jamie Dimon had his bonus cut in half but has escaped harsh criticism from the bank’s internal reports into its multi-billion dollar London trading fiasco. As the bank reported...

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Retired Bishop Gene Robinson On Being Gay And Loving God

For many years, it didn’t occur to Bishop Gene Robinson — the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church — that he might retire before age 72, the mandatory retirement age for Episcopal...

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Martelly veut moderniser les infrastructures

Le chef de l’Etat haïtien, Michel Martelly, annonce la poursuite des grands chantiers dans le secteur des infrastructures en 2013. Les constructions des bâtiments publics, de logements sociaux et...

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Pakistan supreme court orders arrest of prime minister on corruption charges

Pakistan’s supreme court has ordered the arrest of the country’s prime minister on corruption charges, heightening already extreme political uncertainty and fears the country’s fragile...

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Colin Powell defends Chuck Hagel as Obama’s pick to head Pentagon

Former secretary of state Colin Powell has given support to President Barack Obama‘s pick to lead the Defense Department, saying Chuck Hagel is “superbly qualified” for the post despite...

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50% de la nourriture mondiale finit à la poubelle

Le chiffre est glaçant. La moitié de la nourriture produite chaque année dans le monde finit directement à la poubelle. En cause, des récoltes mal faites, des déficiences dans le stockage et le...

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Hilda Solis quits cabinet position as White House denies diversity gap

The labor secretary Hilda Solis, the first Latina to head a major US federal agency, announced plans to resign on Wednesday, just as President Barack Obama faces questions about a lack of women in his...