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946 téléphones portables saisis et une dizaine de candidats éliminés

Le ministère de l’Education nationale et de la Formation professionnelle a présenté, ce vendredi, un lot de 946 téléphones portables qui ont été saisis lors des examens du baccalauréat première...


Dreamers’ dreams: young immigrants see hope in President Obama’s plan

Growing up I always knew my immigration status I just never knew it would influence my future so much.” – Clarisa Nevarez “I hope to one day be one of the top genetic researchers in the...


Allen Stanford sentenced to 110 years in jail for $7bn investment fraud

Allen Stanford the fallen Texan billionaire and one-time champion of Twenty20 cricket, has been sentenced to 110 years in jail for defrauding investors of $7bn. The Texan tycoon’s bizarre and...


LeBron beats Celtics while Thunder wait to see who will play in finals

There has been little rhyme or reason to these NBA Playoffs. Whenever a storyline seems to emerge, the events of the next few weeks, days or games swiftly sink it. The San Antonio Spurs, who were riding a...


Bin Laden ‘saved his money for jihad’

Osama Binladen spent all his personal wealth on jihad, stinting on meat and electricity as luxuries so he could save his money to help fund terror attacks, according to recollections by his deputy and...


Quebec student protest leaders to meet with government for tuition-fee talks

Students in Quebec are to meet with the province’s education minister to resume talks over a proposed tuition fee hike that have sparked widespread protest. Representatives from the three student...


Quebec rocked by student protests

Quebec’s provincial government, facing the most sustained student protests in Canadian history, has introduced emergency legislation that would shut some universities and impose harsh fines on...


U.S. sues Princeton Review for fraud

Prosecutors charged that Princeton Review’s daily attendance forms and invoices were “replete with falsifications.” In particular, Princeton Review was paid for services on days when...


University where 20% of students are Muslim considers alcohol-free zones

A London university is considering establishing alcohol-free zones on its campuses because so many of its students consider drinking to be immoral. Professor Malcolm Gillies, vice-chancellor of London...


Paris meilleure ville étudiante au monde !

Devant Londres, Boston et Melbourne, Paris se classe meilleure ville étudiante au monde selon le classement (*) que vient de publier QS. Déjà auteur du classement annuel QS World University Rankings,...